Water & Health Services

Providing Hope through Health

Access to clean drinking water is a big challenge for our communities. In many instances, women must spend a large part of their day finding water. On many occasions, children are pulled out of school to carry enough water for their family needs.
Hands of Freedom is changing lives by providing:

  • Water well projects: Hands of Freedom installs wells sponsored by individuals, families, churches and other organizations. Access to clean water has greatly reduced water-borne diseases, freed women to engage in earning a livelihood and enabled children to stay in school. Once the well is installed, any remaining funds go toward community support including mentoring, school supplies and vocational training.
  • Healthful living education: Learning healthier habits is essential to creating a more vital and vibrant kingdom of Christ. We teach these tools as a foundation to building healthier communities.
  • Basic medical services: Church buildings are used to provide these basic services.