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The Freedom Center Children’s Care Campus

Help Us With Our Dream to Build a City on a Hill

Life for the poor in India is extremely challenging. Due to a lack of education among the poor and lack of opportunities, the cycle of poverty entangles multiple generations. One-third of the world’s poor live in India. Poverty hits children the hardest. Vulnerable and desperate, they are exploited and pushed into hard labor, beggar gangs or even trafficked.

The only way to empower impoverished children and families is by providing them with quality education. Government schools do not do this. In many instances, disinterested teachers may not even show up to class. Moreover, the poor (the majority of whom are the lowest castes) are discriminated against and not provided with opportunities.

Our Lord has given us a God-sized vision: to build a Freedom Center Children’s Care Campus in our community.

Our vision for the Freedom Center Children’s Care Campus is to be the light of Christ to those living in poverty and help guide them towards physical, social and spiritual transformation. In this place, people would encounter Christ, and by receiving a valuable education, they would journey out of poverty and into their God-given destinies.

Our Dream

An Oasis in a spiritually dry and dark place. An Oasis ringing with worship and God’s word. The sound of footsteps of hundreds of children running around in the school campus and school halls rather than through the slums to suffer. A place where they encounter Christ and a great education leading to a journey out of poverty and into a God given destiny. A safe haven where young girls and women at risk of being trafficked because of poverty are taught a skill and biblically mentored so they can lead sustainable lives and stay out of the clutches of traffickers. A place where people of God are being equipped to be Pastors and lay leaders that would be deployed in communities to bring the good news to the poor, to comfort the broken hearted to set the captives free.

The Freedom Center Children’s Care Campus would dramatically change thousands of lives

  • It would house a K-12 school for 600 children who currently live in extreme poverty or are being raised in the red-light districts. In most cases, these children would be the first generation in their families to attend school.
  • It would be a place where women can learn sustainable skills to build lives of hope and dignity
  • And because only 1.5% of India knows the saving love of Christ, The Freedom Center Children’s Care Campus would train pastors and leaders to plant churches in unreached places. These local churches would be hubs of solutions to issues such as trafficking, beggar gangs and lack of clean water.

The Freedom Center Children’s Care Campus’s goals

  • To provide excellent educational opportunities through a strong academic curriculum and a wide range of extra-curricular activities
  • To provide a personalized, caring, family-based environment
  • To encourage students to strive for excellence and to develop to their full potential in all areas of their lives
  • To challenge students to have a vision for their lives in preparation for life after school
  • To foster a genuine respect for others and to inspire the school community to live in the service of God and others

The Freedom Center Children’s Care Campus would provide:

  • Tuition, dorm-style housing, clothes, books and medical care
  • K-12 education for up to 600 children at a time
  • Children who graduate with a high school diploma from the school would be able to compete with the best and be on their way to a God given destiny. They would be catalysts that bring change in their families, communities and beyond. They would become professionals in various fields such as computer software, medicine, engineering, law, accountancy and various other fields. Most would be the first generation in their family to do so.
  • Those who need non-formal education would be given vocational training which would ensure decent employment opportunities. Thousands of well-paid job opportunities shall open for these children.
    A parenting model that would help these children navigate this journey. These children would in turn help their families get out of the cycle of poverty.

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