What We Do

Church Plants

Church planting is central to our vision and mission. Churches play a critical role as the hub of spiritual, economic and social development in each community. Each new church helps develop leadership skills among pastors and members, provides spiritual assistance to those in need, and serves as the nucleus of economic activity in the area.

Education & Literacy

In India, there are more than 40 million at-risk children. An estimated 400,000 to 800,000 are street kids. Nearly 60% of the children living in poverty don’t complete primary schools and 90 percent of the poor don’t complete their studies. As a result, they become further entangled in the poverty cycle and sex trafficking.

Savings Groups, Business Development

Economic vulnerability exposes the poor in India to exploitation. Economic stability is a key to keeping families out of the hands of loan sharks, traffickers and legalized slavery known as “bonded labor”.

Water & Health Services

Access to clean drinking water is a big challenge for our communities. In many instances, women must spend a large part of their day finding water. On many occasions, children are pulled out of school to carry enough water for their family needs.

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