PriyaAfter a church service, Priya came up for prayer and shared her ordeal with us. She was born and raised in the local red light district. Her mom, whose family was extremely impoverished and barely able to survive, was from the poorest district in the state. After receiving an offer for a job in the “big city” from a stranger who came to town, Priya’s mother’s family risked (sacrificed) her life by sending her along with the stranger. She ended up miles away in the local red light district and was sold to a local brothel owner there. Slowly she lost all hope during which time Priya was born in the red light district.

Growing up, Priya had dreams of going to school, having a regular job and getting married. However this did not happen and she too was pushed into prostitution. One of the challenges of being in the red light district is that these women are disowned by their family. But as Priya began attending church, things started to change for her. The church became Priya’s family and has mentored and counseled her. They have been able to help her find a job and help her get out of prostitution, unlike most women who are never able to escape.

Another blessing for Priya is that her four year old daughter now goes to one of our preschools and has the opportunity to receive an education. While everyone had written Priya’s future off, God intervened through Hands of Freedom and changed the course of her life.