Transforming Lives: Priya

After a church service, Priya came up for prayer and shared her ordeal with us. She was born and raised in the local red light district. Her mom, whose family was extremely impoverished and barely able to survive, was from the poorest district in the state. After...

Meet Jaya and Learn About Her Business!

Jaya,  one of the Hands of Freedom Saving Group members, is specialized in pickle-making.  After being mentored and encouraged by Hands of Freedom,  she decided to use her talents in order to start a pickle business.  Jaya’s family was struggling to make ends...

Meet Preeti!

Preeti is in the savings program and bought a sewing machine to start her own business. She is very creative and is expanding to embroidery. Before joining the savings program she had no opportunities. She enjoyed making things but would throw them away because she...

About Hands of Freedom

Hands of Freedom is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization focused on helping the poor of India through micro-lending, fresh water well projects, education and savings groups. Our goal is to work with the groups relegated to the bottom rung of society and help them transform their lives.


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