Mary and Luke Lewy recently sponsored a well through Hands of Freedom.  Mary shared a little of their story…

“My husband has a salsa garden. All of the garden’s ingredients are dedicated to the salsa he cans. If I want a tomato for a salad, I have to sneak it. He cans hundreds of jars each summer.  A few years ago, I indulged his passion by getting him customized labels for his jars and Salsa Lewy was born. His salsa is popular with friends, family, neighbors and coworkers.  Last summer we had a surplus crop and had over 500 jars canned, and for the first time we decided to sell Salsa Lewy to make sure we didn’t end up with too much leftover salsa. But, what to do with the proceeds?  We had been considering making a donation to Hands of Freedom’s “Wells for the World” program and decided that we could use salsa proceeds to fund a well. Having such a fantastic cause behind the salsa made it easy to sell. People were happy to help and many people bought a case or more for Christmas gifts. It was a win-win situation and we are blessed to be a blessing. We hope to purchase another well this year!”

Thank you Lewy Family! For more information on how you or your family can sponsor a well, please contact us today!

About Hands of Freedom

Hands of Freedom is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization focused on helping the poor of India through micro-lending, fresh water well projects, education and savings groups. Our goal is to work with the groups relegated to the bottom rung of society and help them transform their lives.


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