Jaya,  one of the Hands of Freedom Saving Group members, is specialized in pickle-making.  After being mentored and encouraged by Hands of Freedom,  she decided to use her talents in order to start a pickle business.  Jaya’s family was struggling to make ends meet and she wanted to help provide for her family.  Now, Jaya  has built an expertise in pickles.  Her business makes  different types of tasty pickles such as mango and lemon, as well as vegetables such as bitter gourd and carrots.  She is able to earn 250$ – 300$ per month, is able to send her children to school,  and can provide food for her family.  Jaya’s customers are mostly saving group members from the local area but she will soon be expanding her business.  She remarks, “Hands of Freedom has seen my talents and empowered me.  They have given me a hope and I have experienced God’s love through them.  I have a reason to believe in myself and am excited to use my God given talents to build a future with God’s help”.

Will you come alongside Hands of Freedom and help give women like Jaya a chance?

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