Thank you, friends and supporters for your generosity. Your food packet donations are SAVING LIVES! We have been able to bless 1,000 families with food packets which have helped sustain them during these unprecedented and uncertain times.

We are reminded that the families we serve have been in crisis even before COVID-19. As the pandemic grows in India, our families are bracing for more uncertainty. Some of the questions being asked are, Will we be able to find work as this continues? Will we be able to afford to send our kids to school? How will we have enough food? This pandemic is hitting the poor extremely hard.

In the second week of April 2020, UN’s International Labor Organization (ILO) claimed that about 400 million workers from India’s informal sector are likely to be pushed deeper into poverty due to COVID-19. There is no question that poverty in the country will worsen; we do not know by how much. Poverty puts families at significant risk of exploitation. Some shocking data tell us that one child goes missing every 8 minutes because of poverty. Moneylenders will resurface exploiting those in emergency situations. Trafficking will see an uptick.

During this time, we at Hands of Freedom with your support are committed to walking closely with the families we serve in India. We are bringing the good news of the gospel and holistic solutions of education and business which will enable these families to continue their journey out of poverty. These are extremely talented and gifted people created in the image of God who are looking for an opportunity to lead lives with hope, dignity and security.

It is a huge task, but God is able to guide us through this journey. Thank you for your partnership. We look forward to working together as we go into the rebuilding phase in our communities.

Please be reminded that we are praying for you all as you also face these uncertain times.