We are pleased to continue offering these scarves, made by women living in the slums of India. With the help of Hands of Freedom, these women learn to sew and purchase sewing machines to start their own businesses. These women are very excited to have a means of income. This enables their children to attend school rather than labor to help pay for food and other meager necessities.

The scarves are $20 each. Due to the abundance of beautiful hand-selected fabrics, a unique aspect of your purpose is the surprise of discovering what pattern and color you’ve received. Order multiples to receive a wider selection. At this price, they also make great gifts for grandmothers, aunts and other important ladies in your life. All proceeds go to Hands of Freedom and the people participating in its programs.

This program is perhaps these families’ only means to pull themselves out of poverty. If they can afford it, the ladies typically send their boys to school. Imagine the dramatic change if families could also afford to give their girls an education! You can help make that happen.

Order now and pick up the scarves from Media Relations’ office at 350 W. Burnsville Parkway, Suite 350 in Burnsville. Or, we will mail them to you for a $3.50 postage fee (for 1-2 scarves) or $5.50 for 3-6 scarves.

Thank you and may God bless you for helping to rescue these families from poverty.

*An estimated 11 million (unofficial numbers put it as high as 60 million) children in India are struggling as child laborers, most working in hazardous and degrading conditions, for an average of 12 hours a day. And lured by the hope of finding work, more than 2 million children, mainly girls aged 5-15, are forced into prostitution and sexual slavery.