More than two months ago, the Indian government locked down the entire country at 8 p.m. with only four hours of lead time. Public transportation abruptly ceased. Millions of migrant workers, stranded hundreds of miles from home without their daily wages, instantly became refugees in their own country. The streets became their homes. And the streets became our church.

The urgency of mitigating the virus is not a huge priority for India’s poor. They believe hunger will kill them before the virus does. With supply chains halted, even those fortunate to have a home can no longer count on having food for their families. 

Your $25 food packet donations mean survival. None of us know how long this lockdown will last. Most of the people we are serving have no means to earn wages. Without these food packets, some may not live to see their families again. You are their hope.

God has blessed us during this crisis. The government and local police are working shoulder to shoulder with Hands of Freedom and other ministries and nonprofits, to help with relief work as we feed the hungry. Proving that anything is possible with God, he has opened up doors for ministry that we did not imagine before. The need is so great that without their presence, there would be chaos instead of order. 

We are also blessed by how God is working through you. Through your $25 food packet donations, we have delivered food to an estimated 1,000 families. For those living on the streets with no means to prepare meals, our volunteers are providing cooked rice dishes. They’ve attached the bible verse, John 3:16, to each meal as a spiritual outreach as well.

God is opening the streets of India to our ministry. Equip us for this journey. 

Please continue to support our food outreach with your $25 food packet donations. And we ask that you please forward this newsletter to anyone who might also want to help us share this very tangible proof of God’s love. 

God bless you.