Hands of Freedom is delighted to enroll the first 75 students in our Catalyst School of Ministry. Through this ministry, we are identifying and training lay leaders with leadership potential and a calling to serve Jesus Christ. Students are attending this bible college part time for 1.5 years. After completing the program in the winter of 2020, these newly trained leaders will be deployed to local communities and starting churches. They will also lead our local outreach activities.

Church planting is central to our vision and mission. Churches play a critical role as the hub of spiritual, economic and social development in each community. Each new church helps develop leadership skills among pastors and members, provides spiritual assistance to those in need, and serves as the nucleus of economic activity in the area.

Among the 75 School of Ministry students are many men and women who first learned of Christ’s love through Hands of Freedom. There are those whose families now have clean water for the first time in their lives. There are others whose children now attend school, reducing their risks of trafficking. They are fathers, mothers, sisters, brothers driven to change their communities by guiding others to a new identity in Christ. 

We are blessed to have reached thousands of members through our church planting ministry. We actively share the gospel through a holistic ministry model that includes savings programs, preschools, biblically based spiritual and business training, and access to clean water.

Hands of Freedom exists to be Christ’s light to those living in spiritual darkness with a goal to guide them towards a relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ. Our vision is to be a movement that produces fully trained and mature disciples of Jesus Christ in all of its activities.

Hands of Freedom is a holistic outreach movement that is enabling, equipping and empowering our members to be effective disciples of Jesus Christ. 

Join us as we plant churches and provide financial and training services, leading our members to live sustainable lives. We have many ways to get involved. We are also blessed by your donations