For centuries, it was illegal for India’s lowest class – the Untouchables – to get an education. Even today, few families living in the slums can afford for their children to attend India’s fee-based school system. Inside the classroom, Untouchable children are ostracized and even subjected to physical abuse. These children deserve to know love! They deserve a future! This is our vision for The Freedom Center Children’s Care Campus. With your help, and God’s blessing, we will make this dream a reality.

​India’s outlawed caste system is still damaging millions of lives 

India’s centuries-old caste system assigns people to four castes, according to Hindu beliefs. A fifth category, the Untouchables, falls out of the system entirely. Now outlawed, the caste system is still engrained in modern life. 

Millions of Untouchables are still considered impure and unworthy. Teachers commonly expect less of Untouchable students and discriminate against them. Other students ridicule them. Even getting to the schools is frightening. Because Untouchable children usually live outside villages, they risk being abducted and/or sexually assaulted on their way to and from the classroom. 

This helps explain why children living in India’s slums are far more likely to be cleaning sewers than learning to read and write. If they grow up believing they are nothing, then they will expect nothing more out of life. 

Education is a primary way to break this cycle and to enable generations of children to realize their worth. Our dream is to remove the barriers. When just one child gets an education, it can improve the lives of everyone in their family.

The need is urgent 

We all know that children grow up fast. Every day, we pray that these children will be drawn into our ministry, and that we can help them fulfill their God-given potential. We can change their lives and the lives of future generations. Our dream for the Freedom Center-Children’s Care Campus is to empower impoverished children and families is by providing them with quality education. 

This would be a place where they know love and acceptance. There would be no fear. The Freedom Center-Children’s Care Campus would be the light of Christ to those living in poverty. We pray boldly for The Freedom Center, because we believe that when God puts something in our hearts, He will make it a reality. 

We need your support to do God’s work. The Freedom Center-Children’s Care Campus would: 

  • House a K-12 school for 600 children who currently live in extreme poverty or are being raised in the red-light districts. In most cases, these children will be the first generation in their families to attend school.  
  • Be a place where women can learn sustainable skills to build lives of hope and dignity 
  • Share the love of Christ by training pastors and leaders to plant churches in unreached places. These local churches will be hubs of solutions to issues such as trafficking, beggar gangs and lack of clean water.

Please find it in your heart to contribute to making this dream a reality. Give in loving gratitude for what God has done for you and your family. Give knowing that each dollar will help raise the self-esteem of a child in need. 

Together, we can build The Freedom Center, a place where hope and faith will live side by side. 

Thank you and God bless you.