Jyoti’s husband was the sole bread winner in the house and when his factory closed down he lost his job. Jyoti was an active member of the Hands of Freedom savings group and decided to leverage her cooking skills. Today, Jyoti and her husband run a mini lunch business and  serve lunch boxes to 65 men. A lunch box includes vegetable, bread, rice, dal and pickle. Jyoti charges $1 per lunch box and earns around $150 per month, spending about six hours per day on her business. The income she generates helps them support their family and provide education for her three children. Jyoti comments, “I had never left the house before to attend any program or meetings. It all started with the Saving Group meetings and prayer meetings hosted by Hands of Freedom. It is through my small group that I learned about business and how we could start one to make a living. I learned that God had created me and given me skills, gifts and talents which I could use to make a living and bless others as well.” Today Jyoti dreams of expanding her business and hiring other women from her small group to help her. She also mentors others in her group and encourages them to develop the gifts that God has blessed them with. Jyoti remains an active member of the Hands of Freedom small group ministry and continues to be blessed by the training and mentoring provided by Hands of Freedom.