THANK YOU to everyone who has already so generously donated food packs to those in dire need. You are making a difference! The food packs distribution has begun but the need is ongoing.

On April 9, Hands of Freedom began collecting donations to create food packs for the millions of families living in India’s slums. The poor, who rarely have enough money to buy food and necessities at the best of times, are especially struggling during this pandemic because they are day laborers who still cannot work. Food is still a big challenge. Soap remains nearly impossible to find. One food packet will feed a family of four for two weeks! We are looking for more heros. Please consider donating a $25 survival food pack.

For just $25, you can support a family during this very critical time. Each packet contains:
Rice$25 feeds a family of four in the slums of India
Wheat flour
Cooking oil

We also include soap with each packet.

Millions are suffering. They are living in overcrowded conditions. Many have no access to clean, running water. Together, we can at least make sure they have enough food to eat.

We are seeing selfless acts of kindness throughout our world. This is a way that you, too, can make a significant difference even from the relative comfort of your home.

We are all God’s children. Please consider sponsoring a family with the gas money you would typically spend on commuting, or the money you’d spend on your daily coffee run.

Each food packet you sponsor will enable us to help families in great need.

God Bless.