Gear up to change the future of the Outcastes of India on Minnesota’s biggest giving day of the year – Give to the Max Day!

For this year’s giving campaign, Hands of Freedom is focusing on transforming the lives of Untouchable children through our Education and Water Well projects.

The more gifts we generate on on November 13, the more our chances increase to receive an additional $10,000 donation. Imagine the impact we could have on the lives of the Untouchables with $10,000!

Our goal is to raise $18,000 toward education and water well projects, and we can reach it with your help!

Be sure to mark your calendar and make your gift on November 13 by visiting our fundraising page on This year, you can also schedule a donation for Give to the Max Day in advance! Scheduled donations are accepted November 1 – 13, 2014.

Spread the word!

Give to the Max Day is the perfect opportunity to spread the word about our mission to help the Untouchables of India with others. Right click to download this Support Banner and use it to help promote Hands of Freedom on Facebook and emails: