Did you know nearly 40,000 children are abducted every year of which 11,000 remain untraced according to a report by the National Human Rights Commission of India?

We want to take a minute to tell you more about our Hope Centers, located right in the community, that serve as a safe haven for children living in poverty. Hope Centers remove children from daily challenges like drugs, alcohol, trafficking, and child/bonded labor. Children in our Hope Centers are taught schoolwork, receive a meal, and learn about their value and worth. A Hope Center is a place where kids can be kids – learn, play games, and not be afraid of the many dangers they may encounter in their daily life.

Would you consider joining us in adding more Hope Centers?  Your donation is critical in helping these children stay safe so they can fulfill their destiny.  If you can help, please mail a check today to Hands of Freedom, PO Box 240191, Apple Valley, MN  55124 or donate online at our website — www.handsoffreedom.org.