Nasima, a mother of four young children,  is a member of the Hands of Freedom savings program.  She was in a very challenging and desperate financial situation. Living in a slum, she had accepted that there was no hope  and that poverty was her family’s destiny in life.  Then, Nasima was introduced to the Hands of Freedom savings and mentoring program.  She was provided with tailoring training and purchased a sewing machine with capital provided by Hands of Freedom. Nasima has now become an expert in producing coasters and placemats, earning a steady income and providing her family with the basic necessities that were once a luxury, as well as medical care and school for her children. Nasima is thankful to the ministry for instilling hope in her life and the life of her children.  She believes she was created with a purpose and God has special plans for her family.  Nasima is also excited for the future of her children and she hopes that they will be able to leave the slum and lead better lives.

Prior to being part of the program Nasima’s tin hut in the slum was her world.  She never really ventured out and connected with others in her slum, as life was simply about survival. Now all the members in her small group look out for each other and help each other in times of need.  Money from the savings program provides for emergencies and keeps her and her family out of the clutches of moneylenders who can charge up to 240% and can force those owing money into slavery as bonded laborers. As a savings group, Nasima’s group also learned to give back to their communities. Their group undertook a cleanliness drive for their slum and also  have planted some trees to improve their slum.

Will you join us today in helping women like Nasima?   A monthly donation of even $25 will make a big difference for those with so little. Thank you for your support of Hands of Freedom!