We can hardly contain our excitement! Not only does Hands of Freedom have a newly designed website. We are also announcing a new drive to build The Freedom Center Children’s Care Campus, a place that would dramatically change thousands of lives. In this place, people would encounter Christ, and by receiving a great education, they would journey out of poverty and into their God-given destinies.

Check out our fresh, new website 

It’s more important than ever for Hands of Freedom to reach our supporters through our website and digital channels. With our newly designed website, it would be easier for us to share how your prayers and contributions are helping to break the cycle of poverty in India. With clear navigation and a clean layout, you’ll find information on all of our initiatives, from church plantings to our savings groups, business development, clean water, medical services and education to save children from child labor and prostitution. Please share this site with your friends and family, and invite them to sign up for our newsletter.

Freedom Center Children’s Care Campus: Help us Build a City on the Hill 

The only way to empower impoverished children and families is by providing them with quality education. Praise God! Hands of Freedom has received funding to purchase the land needed. Now we need everyone’s prayers and support to make this God-sized vision a reality: one brick, one classroom at a time!

Our vision for the Freedom Center Children’s Care Campus is to be the light of Christ to those living in poverty and help guide them towards physical, social and spiritual transformation. 

The Freedom Center Children’s Care Campus would dramatically change thousands of lives  

  • It would house a K-12 school for 600 children who currently live in extreme poverty or are being raised in the red-light districts. In most cases, these children would be the first generation in their families to attend school.  
  • It would be a place where women can learn sustainable skills to build lives of hope and dignity 
  • And because only 1.5% of India knows the saving love of Christ, The Freedom Center Children’s Care Campus would train pastors and leaders to plant churches in unreached places. These local churches would be hubs of solutions to issues such as trafficking, beggar gangs and lack of clean water.

The Freedom Center Children’s Care Campus’s goals 

  • To provide excellent educational opportunities through a strong academic curriculum and a wide range of extra-curricular activities;
  • To provide a personalized, caring, family-based environment;
  • To encourage students to strive for excellence and to develop to their full potential in all areas of their lives;
  • To challenge students to work out the focus and direction of their lives in preparation for life after school;
  • To foster a genuine respect for others and to inspire the school community to live in the service of God and others;

How you can help build the Freedom Center Children’s Care Campus 

  • Help us with fundraising. Perhaps you can set a goal within your church group to pay for a classroom or a dorm room. Or, simply challenge one another to each buy bricks. Add a brick to your Christmas gift wish list. Cost details are on our new website. 
  • Help us expand our network. Share our good news with other believers and those who want to save children’s lives. Encourage them to sign up for our newsletter.  
  • Help us with prayer. Please add the Freedom Center Children’s Care Campus to your prayer list. With God, all things are possible. 
  • Follow us on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. And when you are moved by one of our posts, please share it so that others may also see how God is working through Hands of Freedom to empower the poor of India with opportunities.

Thank you on behalf of the Hands of Freedom volunteers as well as the millions of children and families who need your help.